Playing Chicken

If you really want to wear a chicken suit while you drive, that’s cool. Provided the head part of the costume doesn’t excessively obstruct your vision or other senses.

Drag Racing.

It is legal to drive while wearing the clothing of whichever gender you choose to identify with. Just make sure if you’re wearing 6 inch heals they don’t obstruct your ability to work the pedals.

Flicking other drivers the bird.

This is not recommended as it distracts from driving and can, if sufficiently irate, lead to removing both hands from the steering wheel to “double bird,” In this case the bird is most definitely not the word.


We recommend not picking up hitchhikers near prisons, work farms or buildings where elected officials work. As in any of these cases, you may find yourself offering a lift to an unpredictable criminal.
If you find yourself hitchhiking, then your car has been stolen, and you should contact the police.


Using any electronic device in a manner likely to distract yourself from driving is illegal. Doing so and putting the evidence on social media where law enforcement can easily access it, is really stupid. Fortunately for you, but not for the rest of us, stupidity isn’t a crime yet.

Remember – Put Down the Phone – Pay Attention & Never Drink and Drive


ABS Brakes
Age and Experience
Alcohol and Drugs
Alcohol Content
Anticipate The Actions Of Other Drivers
Cell Phones
Collision Traps
Combining Drugs and Alcohol
Communicate with other Drivers
Course Overview for Traffic School
Disregarding Stop and Go Signals
Driving at Unsafe Speeds
Driving In Traffic
DUI, Driving Under The Influence
Emergency Vehicles
Entering The Freeway
Exiting The Freeway
Failure To Yield The Right Of Way
Following Distances
Gender – How Does It Affect Driving
Getting Pulled Over By The Police
Habits You Teach Your Kids
Head-on Collisions
How Speed Affects Impact And Stopping Distances
How Speed Effects Reaction Time
Implied Consent Open Container Zero Tolerance Laws
In-car Distractions
Left-Foot Braking
Legal Requirements of Seat-Belts in Florida
Legalities Of Alcohol Consumption In Florida
Light Conditions
Losing Your License
Maintaining Your Momentum When Driving
Motorcycles, Florida Laws
Off-road Skid Recovery
Orientation For The Florida Online Course
Passing On A Two-lane Road
Pedestrian Crossings Laws For Florida
Personality Types And How It Effects Driving Behavior
Physiological Effects Of Driving Under The Influence
Picking The Right Vehicle For You
Point System In Florida
Proper Usage Of Seat-belts
Railroad Crossings In Florida
Rain And How to Drive In It
Read-end And Side-impact Collisions, How To Avoid Them
Road Conditions
Safety Equipment In Your Vehicle
Scene Of A Crash, What To Do
School Bus Passing Laws In Florida
Seat Belts Save Lives
Sign, Signals And Roadway Markings, What They Mean In Florida
Snow And Ice Driving
Speed Limits in Florida
Sports Cars
Strategies For Defensive Driving
Stress And How It Effects Your Driving Behavior
SUV’s And Pickup Trucks
Tailgating And Aggressive Driving
The Traffic Safety Problem In Florida
The Wrap-up For The Florida Online Course
Think Before You Drink and Drive
Tire Maintenance
Tire Pressure And How It Affects Your Tires
Semi Trucks And How To Drive With Them
Using Your Side and Rear-view Mirors
Walk Around Inspection On Your Vehicle
Wind, How To Drive In Windy Conditions
Yielding, Its A Matter OF Courtesy

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles


ABS Brakes
Age And How It Affects Driving
Alcohol And How It Affects Your Driving
Alcohol And Drugs
Alcohol Content
Anticipating The Actions Of Others
Bicycles And Sharing The Road
Blowouts And What To Do When You Have One
Breakdowns And What To Do If Your Vehicle Suffers One
Collision Traps
Combining Drugs And Alcohol
Communicating When Sharing The Road Other Drivers
Course Overview
Driving Aggressively
Driving In Traffic With Others
Emergency Vehicles
Entering The Freeway In Traffic
Exiting The Freeway In Traffic
Fatigue Affects Your Driving Abilities
Fog And How To Drive In It
Following Distances When Driving
Genders Affect On Driving Performance
Getting Pulled Over By The Police
Habits You Teach Your Children When Driving
Head-on Collisions And How To Avoid Them
How Speed Affects Impact
Illness Affects Driving Abilities
Implied Consent and Zero Tolerance and Open Container Laws
Kids Left In Cars
Left-foot Braking
Legal Requirements Of Seat-belts In Texas
Legalities of BAC
Light Conditions and your headlights
Littering Laws In Texas
Motorcycles Laws and Rules In Texas
Myths And Misconceptions of Drinking and Driving
No Insurance Or Lose Your License
Off-road Skid Recovery Techniques
Organ Donation – What You Need To Know
Pedestrians Right-of-way Laws In Texas
Personality Type Affects Your Driving
Physiological Effects Of Driving Intoxicated
Picking The Right Vehicle For You
Proper Driving Position And Its importance To You
Railroad Crossing Laws In Texas
Rain – How To Drive In It
Rear-end And Side Impact Collision And How To Avoid Them
Road Conditions – What You Should Do When They Change
Scene Of A Traffic Crash
School Bus Passing Laws In Texas
Seat Belts – How To Properly Use Them
Signs – Signals And Markings In Texas
Snow And Ice Driving Tips
Speed Limits Laws In Texas
Steering Mechanism On Your Car
Strategies For Driving In Traffic
Stress And How It Affects Your Driving Behavior
The Reasons For Car Crashes
Traffic Safety Problems In Texas
The Wrap-up For The Texas online course
Think Before You Drink And Drive
Tire Maintenance – How To Maintain Your Cars Tires
Tire Pressure
Trucks – How To Share The Road with Semi-Trucks
Using Your Cars Mirors
Walk Around Inspection On Your Car
Wind – How To Drive In Heavy Wind
Yield – Its a Matter Of Courtesy
Yielding To The Traffic On The Freeway

Texas Department Of Public Safety for Texas Drivers