Learn about littering laws as well as littering from a motor vehicle in Texas by watching the video above! Litter can be defined as both decay-able and non-decay-able solid waste. Decay-able waste is waste that is from a public or private establishment, a residence or a restaurant. This includes animal and vegetable material. Non-decay-able solid wastes are furniture, rubber, plastics, paper, rags, cartons, wood, socks etc. Violations include throwing trash out of a car, boat or other vehicle, such as cigarette butts, soda cans or candy wrappers, TV’s, homework. Dumping trash in a landfill where it is not legal and pouring motor oil or grease into a storm drains or manhole covers.
Do your part to keep our roads safe and clean.

• Keep your trash where it belongs by keeping a small trash-bag in your car.
• In the back of an open bed truck, cover your load to keep debris from flying out.
• Never throw trash onto our roads.

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