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  • "It had different characters to keep you interested."
    - Alice W, TX
  • "easy to use and start and stop at my convenience"
    - Richard M, TX
  • "All of the facts that it included."
    - Tiffany Terrell M, TX
  • "You can take at your own pace."
    - Sandy J, TX
  • "I actually laughed several times"
    - Amanda F, FL
  • "Michael D, And the Australian"
    - Veronica Z, TX
  • "the apparent complete coverage of a subject"
    - Kenneth C, TX
  • "What a hilarious learning course! I'd recommend to anyone!"
    - Monisophea H, TX
  • "The episodes were kept short and to the point"
    - Zachary G, TX
  • "informative and creative approach to the material"
    - Alexis A, SC
  • "Thanks a lot...As I learnt many important rules from this course. ... "
    - Sukhwant K, TX
  • "Having many different delivery systems to keep the presentation l ... "
    - Andrew D, TX
  • "it was a very understanding course!"
    - Fredrick C, TX
  • "It kept me truly entertained the whole time and laughing!"
    - Kristen P, TX
  • "It was simple and understandable."
    - Priyanka A, TX


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"It's the only way to endure the painful pleasures of defensive driving"

Nov. 7, 2016, marks a grim milestone for Texas – we’ve gone 16 years straight with daily deaths on our roadways. That’s right. At least one person has died each and every day on Texas roads since Nov. 7, 2000. Share this video and add hashtag #EndTheStreakTX.

It is with great sadness to announce that our friend, Nicky Hayden, has passed away on May 22, 2017. Nicky, you will be missed.

Rest In Peace, #69.

Image courtesy of @IMS

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