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Comedy Defensive Driving offers an engaging array of highly entertaining corporate Driver Safety training courses for Corporations, Government Agencies, and Fleet Managers. All of our courses are available in a classroom setting at your location or through our online system or whatever sinister dungeon you force the peons who toil for you to work in. All defensive driving courses for government employees and more are humor based and designed to entertain while maintaining the students’ complete attention. We did try a course with attractive tutors in skimpy swimsuits, but we found our students were looking not listening. Our customers typically utilize our training as a component of their existing employee safety program and our courses are relevant to any employee that drives. Please note this course may not be appropriate if your company is providing drivers for movie stunts or NASCAR.


Core Benefits of Comedy Defensive Driving’s Safety Training:

  • Protect Employees
  • Limit Liabilities and Better Manage Risk
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Preserve Company Assets
  • Company driver safety program will drastically reduce the staff time wasted on filing claims
  • Staff might not mind when you replace the office fleet, with second-hand clown cars.
  • Reduce management time spent on accident resolution
  • Support your organization’s safety record
  • Persuade the office joker to do an open mic comedy night and be so humiliated they never tell jokes again.
  • Prevent damage to vehicles, equipment, and inventory
  • Encourage some funny discussions around the water cooler
  • Employees will love the boss so much better