Head-on collisions create the greatest force of impact of any type of collision because of the speed created by the two vehicles coming together.
How to avoid a head-on collision:

• Slow down.
• If an impact is imminent, reduce your speed to reduce the force of impact.
• While slowing your vehicle try to move to the right and out of the way of the incoming vehicle.
• Never move to the left into the oncoming lane.
Arnould Head On Collisions
Numerous studies have shown that drivers who try and attempt to correct the vehicle when causing a head on collision will steer back into their lane of travel. Try to communicate with the other driver by honking your horn or flashing your headlights. Most road vehicles today are equipped with a number of features designed to absorb energy and increase the force of impact during collisions.
There are basically three types of safety equipment in vehicles:

• Those that increase the drivers control.
• Those that increase the vehicle’s performance.
• Those that cushion the force of impact of a collision.

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