With the staggering numbers of DWI’s and loss of lives due to DWI’s in the U.S., it’s nice to know that there’s help out there. If you plan to drink away from home, just don’t drive. The plan is to avoid drunk driving and arrive alive. If you cannot plan a ride home with a friend, cabs are always a good option. $25 or $50, as opposed to $26,000. in attorney fees alone, is not a bad deal. Not having killed anyone or killed yourself is not a bad deal as well. If you do a web search for them, you will find a plethora of services out there that will send out two drivers in one car to pick you up. One drives you home, while the other drives your car home. So, when you wake up in the morning, you’re in your nice, warm bed instead of a jail cell. And your car is in your driveway or parking lot, rather than the city impound (another expense you would acquire). It’s a beautiful thing. Whoever thought of that was genius.
A DWI is financially and emotionally devastating. It is a financial set-back for most. And, it will remain on your permanent record. Causing you to possibly lose your job and impossible to find another. Besides the attorney fees, DWI penalties also include hefty fines, jail time with real criminals, AA meetings with real alcoholics (and you’ll notice everyone brings their own “Starbucks” cup to those meetings…you KNOW there’s something in that cup besides coffee). You will likely have to do community service, and you will also receive a hefty surcharge for three years. So, just when you thought it was over, they keep reminding you of that stupid mistake you made by sending you a bill in the mail every month. And now your mailman and everyone knows your personal business. Your Mailman: “I’ll be your AA Sponsor.” You: How the heck did you know??”
So, think about the financial, legal, emotional and social ramifications of a DWI, before you leave the house, and plan ahead to arrange a ride so you can arrive alive.

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Arrive Alive – Comedy Defensive Driving