Paying attention while driving is the key to staying out of trouble. Not only trouble with law enforcement, but prevention of accidents as well. Being a courteous driver is also the key to being a safe driver. Not taking risks, not following too close and always leaving yourself a safe “out” in any traffic situation will also help to keep you out of danger and therefore make you a better driver. So, respect everyone’s journey.

Never whip in front of a semi-truck. It takes a truck 10 times longer to stop than it takes a car to stop. If you think that truck driver is leaving a huge space between them and the car ahead of them is for you, you’re dead wrong. Your Honda Accord could become a Honda accordion. And we all know, not everyone likes an accordion. Do you like Banda music? Really?? Come on!

Checking your mirrors and constantly scanning around the car so you always know where there is a safe place to steer into, should someone drift into your lane may save you a lot of grief. Many people experience an accident due to faulty evasive action. If a car does drift into your lane and you swerve into another lane to avoid a crash, but you crash into someone in that lane in the process, now it’s your fault.

Signaling before you turn or change lanes, lets other drivers around you know your intentions. Getting back into the habit of signaling will not only keep you safe but will also help to avoid road rage.

At a traffic light, remember that green doesn’t mean “go.” Green means look both ways and make sure someone is not running the red light. If there are other cars in lanes next to you, blocking your view, let them go first. If they don’t go when the light turns green, it’s likely because they can see (and you cannot, because they are blocking your view) that a car is running the red light.

Don’t try to multitask while driving. Keeping your eyes on the road and not being distracted will save your life and those lives of others around you. Remember to respect everyone’s journey. And hopefully, they will respect yours.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Respect Everyone’s Journey – Comedy Defensive Driving