Driving is a serious business, but some laws are just plain silly. From the WTF to the Duh, you’ll wonder why these funny driving laws exist at all. Here’s a list of the top ten silliest driving laws still in existence around the world. Get ready to laugh and shake your head in disbelief!

Top 10 Silly Driving Laws

1. Splashing Pedestrians. In Japan, it’s illegal to splash a pedestrian with water from a puddle. Drive carefully in the rain, or you might

end up with a fine!


2. No Washing Cars on Sunday. In Switzerland, you can’t wash your car on a Sunday. It’s considered a day of rest, even for your car.


3. Keep Your Car Clean. In Russia, driving a dirty car can get you fined. Make sure to keep your ride spotless, or face the consequences.


4. Extra Pair of Glasses. In Spain, if you wear glasses, you must carry a spare pair while driving. Better safe (and seeing) than sorry!


5. No Eating Behind the Wheel. In Cyprus, their drinking and driving law makes it illegal to eat or drink anything while driving. Stay hydrated before you hit the road.


6. Blindfolded Driving. In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive while blindfolded. This one makes sense, but it’s funny to think someone had to make it a law.


7.Check for Sleeping Kids. In Denmark, you must check under your car for sleeping children before you start the engine. It’s a safety measure, but definitely unique!


8. License Plate Restrictions. In Manila, you can’t drive your car on certain days based on the last digit of your license plate. It’s a way to reduce traffic, but it can be confusing!

9. Running Out of Gas on the Autobahn. In Germany, running out of gas on the Autobahn is illegal. It’s considered a preventable hazard, so keep that tank full.


10. Beware of Camels in Nevada. In Nevada, USA, it’s illegal to ride a camel on the highway. This old law is still on the books. Camels and cars don’t mix here!


Stay Safe and Laugh with Comedy Defensive Driving

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