Unless you’ve recently had your license revoked, you’ve probably noticed that speed limits have increased. Since 2013, speeds have become more extreme, and they continue to increase. Although driving under the speed limit, or not with the flow of traffic has been found to cause more crashes than speeding, the high impact from speeding crashes typically cause more fatalities. Teenage girls are now saying that they are uncomfortable with the higher speeds, while teenage boys are thrilled by the increase. There’s a couple of frightening scenarios. Girls causing accidents while driving on a high-speed freeway, under the speed limit and without the knowledge and driving confidence required to be on the freeway. And boys taking risks at an even higher speed and causing accidents.

In 2013 alone, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were nearly 2,000 deaths, quite possibly due to the increase in speed limits. Over the past 20 years, an estimated 33,000 additional fatalities occurred as states kept raising speed limits. In the study performed by the IIHS, it was found that each 5mph increase in the maximum speed limit was associated to a 4% increase in road deaths, while there is an 8% increase on interstates and freeways. It’s just a natural fact that crashes are more deadly as speeds increase.

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Daun Thompson
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Speed Limits Have Increased – Comedy Defensive Driving School