In Texas, there is an 800 number printed on the back of your driver’s license or ID card for emergency roadside assistance. If your car is disabled on a state or federal roadway in Texas, you can call the number to request non-emergency assistance. The number is super tiny, so you may need a magnifying glass just to read it. The Texas roadside assistance number is also printed on the registration sticker on your windshield. There, you will find it to be a little larger type and much easier to read. A stranded vehicle is a hazard for other cars on the roadway. And, in traffic, the shoulder where the car would likely be stranded is for emergency vehicles.
The driver roadside assistance service will only change a tire or put a little gas in your car, whichever you need to get you back on the road. They will not tow your vehicle. And, your vehicle must be on the freeway. They will not assist you if you are on an exit or entrance ramp, on the access road, or anywhere else, other than the freeway or roadway. Sometimes, even driving a few extra feet on a rim seems a little safer than being stranded on a high-speed roadway, especially when large trucks pass you. It is also not for emergencies and not a substitute for 9-1-1 and the number is not to be used as an information hotline or to find a date.
And, while you’re waiting for your knight in shining armor to arrive, here’s a little safety tip for you. Don’t put your hazard lights on while stranded on the freeway. Drunk drivers are attracted to flashing lights (kinda like how blonds are attracted to shiny objects). It would be better to turn on your signal as if you were going to re-enter the freeway from the shoulder (even if you’re not), because other motorists may move over a lane to allow you to re-enter (Really? No one is ever that courteous, they’re more likely afraid you’ll pull out in front of them and will move over for their own safety). This, in turn, would be safer for you, rather than having traffic pass next to you while you wait for the Texas roadside assistance.
So now you know that your I.D. or driver license is good for more than picking a lock.
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Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist
Roadside Assistance – Comedy Defensive Driving