Spring has sprung and kids are enjoying their spring break vacation. What better time for a road trip? Spring flowers are in bloom and Texas is famous for their wildflowers. People come from everywhere to see Texas in bloom. So, an abundance of distracted driving will ensue during Spring break. Families will likely be parking on the shoulder of the freeway to take pictures of their children in the Bluebonnets. In fact, I thought it was actually a Texas “law” that you were required to take pictures of your kids in the Bluebonnets on the side of the freeway with semi trucks flying past, scorpions, tarantulas, fire ants, cactus, poison ivy and rattlesnakes! I took a picture of my daughter in the Bluebonnets when she was a baby. But I put her on a blanket. Babies have sensitive skin and rash up easily. I took so many pictures of my baby that she was photo-jaded by the time she was a toddler. She was an October baby, born the month of Halloween. I have a picture of her when she was probably only four days old, where I hollowed out a pumpkin and shoved her in it. Babies have those giant basketball heads and small necks, so they can’t hold their own head up (you just want to tape a popsicle stick to their neck to prop up their head). And I put the top of the pumpkin right on her head, right on her soft spot. You know, when you’re a single parent and you don’t get any sleep because you do all of the feedings and diaper changing by yourself, you do some really stupid things. I learned this, I learned that Child Protective Services (CPS) will babysit. For FREE…for YEARS!
So look out for cars parking and/or slowing down to observe the wildflowers. Slow down, when passing, or, better yet, move over a lane.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Distracted Drivers – Comedy Defensive Driving