I am all of 5 ft 2 inches and am vertically challenged. In fact, I look a lot taller when I’m lying down. But people stare when you’re lying down in public, especially in a restaurant or a bar. I absolutely hate the “s” word (short). Tall people like to just throw that word around, like diet pills at a weight watchers meeting. Finding clothes that fit is always an adventure, to say the least. Hemming anything no less than 6 inches has always been a hassle. And I’m totally lazy, so thank goodness for masking tape and staples. So, with my dwarf-like proportions, the challenge now is finding the perfect fit car.

With a little research, I have found that good visibility is the primary requirement when purchasing a car. Looking for a car with a low “beltline” (the border between a car’s metal body and its windows) is imperative. Large “greenhouse” windows, of course would be ideal, although I have always been wary of too much glass in a car. And looking for a car with narrower seat cushions, as opposed to wide upholstery will make it easier for your stumpy legs to reach the vehicle’s pedals comfortably. I prefer a straight shift transmission, but probably an automatic transmission car would be more practical if you already have trouble reaching the pedals, adding one more, like a clutch to the mix is probably a bad idea. And, to be practical, it’s hard to hold a beer and a cigarette when shifting gears.

So I will be looking at these features when purchasing my next car. I was hoping that this car will last me a few years. And be a comfortable fit. But, with old age and osteoporosis, all I have to look forward to is getting shorter. So it’s likely that I’ll be looking for another car again in just a few years from now. Then, back to the old drawing board.

Until next week….

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

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The Perfect Fit Car – Comedy Defensive Driving