Maybe you did not know that you could actually enjoy yourself as you get rid of that traffic ticket that is causing you so much trouble. Well, it’s true that you can have a great time by registering for Texas defensive driving by Comedy Defensive Driving. We have had more than 3,000,000 drivers pass our course and dismiss their traffic tickets.

Our course is a real bargain for only $25.00, and there are many advantages to taking your course in the comfort of your own home. There is no getting dressed and ready for class, and no boring class to sit through. We offer the #1 comedy course online, and we feature famous actors and comedians in our hilarious videos. Our course is approved by all courts in the State of Texas, so you can be sure that it will count to dismiss your traffic ticket.

Here are a few facts that you will want to know:

• Takes only 5 hours plus 1 hour of break time to complete
• Fastest certificate delivery options
• 100% video for easy viewing
• Satisfaction guaranteed
• A+ rating by Better Business Bureau
• Taught by top comedic talent
• Lower your auto insurance rate by up to 10%

One of the best features of taking our defensive driving online course is that you complete your course according to your schedule. If you want to stop the video to get a drink or a snack, simply resume watching where you left off when you return. Some of our students want to complete the entire class in one sitting, like on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to get it out of the way. You can choose to take your course that way, or watch one hour a night for 7 days. How you take your course is completely up to you.


Texas Defensive Driving is Easy to Complete

Millions of students have successfully completed our course, and they tell us that it was a breeze. There is no reading or writing involved, and you will easily pass our course. You do need some computer basics to take the course, but chances are good that you already have these. They include an Internet connection, Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater, a mouse and keyboard, speakers or headphones, and an Operating System like Mac, PC or Linux. That is all that is needed, except for you to sit there and watch as our comedians entertain you.

Our course is approved by the Texas Education Agency, and it must take a minimum of 360 minutes to complete according to their requirements. Our course will automatically take you to the spot where you left off if you take a break or need to stop to go to work or school. We have built this feature into our course so that you are sure to fulfill the requirements of the State of Texas to dismiss your traffic ticket and to qualify for up to 10% savings on your auto insurance.

Once you complete your course, you will need to mail it to the court that issued your ticket. You have been given instructions by the court that handled your traffic ticket on how to return the required documents to you. You can be sure that we will send out your certificate to you very quickly, and we do process certificates each business day. We also offer expedited shipping if you need to get your certificate very quickly. Our standard delivery is free and is delivered by the USPS within 5 to 9 business days. Priority Overnight shipping is available in most areas and costs $24.95 for estimated next business day delivery by 10:30am.

Standard Overnight delivery will cost you $19.95, and you can expect to receive your certificate with an estimated next business day delivery by 3pm. Remote residential customers receive their certificate by 8pm the next day. You can also order 2nd Day Air for $14.95. This option means that you will receive your certificate on the second business day with an estimated delivery by 4:30pm. Weekend or holiday deliveries are not available, and there is no delivery to post office boxes for overnight service. We use FedEx for expedited shipping, and we cannot anticipate or take responsibility for possible delays due to circumstances beyond our control.