An awesome new website has just launched this month! Look Out Texans is an education campaign aimed at increasing road safety for all road users (vehicles, bikes and pedestrians) in North Texas. What a great idea, creating a website where you can learn about safety when walking, biking and driving. With more people moving to the DFW metroplex, there will certainly be more cars on the road. More people are biking than ever before (even to work). And with better public transportation, more people will be walking in between. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in North Texas, between 2010 and 2014, there were more than 8,200 reported bicycle and pedestrian crashes involving motor vehicles that resulted in more than 500 fatalities! They’re saying “To remedy this problem, they are focusing on improving the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians through roadway design solutions as well as increasing awareness of how people can bike, walk and drive safely.”
Here are just a few of the road safety tips they recommend:
• Always cross at crosswalks, never between cars and never jaywalk (unless you have ObamaCare)
• Always cross streets and driveways in front of vehicles – never behind them.
• Always look both ways before crossing the street (just like your mama taught you)
• Cross only when the signal indicates it is safe to do so.
• Always make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street so you know that they see you.
• Wear bright or reflective clothing at night, never dark clothing (you goth days are over)
• If you’re walking your dog, always keep them close by and on a tight leash. Stepping out in front of a bicyclist can be very dangerous for everyone.
• Remember that a bicycle is a vehicle without a motor, with the same rules on the road as a car. This means stopping at stop signs and red lights and yielding to other cars.
• Always use hand signals (all but that one hand signal that gets you in trouble)
• Be alert to other vehicles around you (they may not see you)
• Ride as far to the right as possible.
• Always wear bright or reflective clothing at night.
• Drivers should always give 3’ when passing a bicyclist
• Look out for bicyclists when opening your door while parallel parked.
• Bike Lanes are for bicyclists
• Crosswalks are for pedestrians
• Yield to crossing pedestrians
• Treat bicycles as motor vehicles
• Look out for children in school zones
With these safety tips, maybe we can all get along. Check out other safety tips and information at

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Increasing Road Safety – Comedy Defensive Driving