Florida ticket dismissal doesn’t have to be hard.In fact, it can be easy, completed online, at your own pace, and funny! We show you how to remove points and violations from your license and driving record in Florida (FL) in 6 easy steps.

6 easy steps to how to remove points and get speeding tickets off your driving record

1. Get a ticket OR decide you want to lower your insurance cost by removing points from your driving record

While none of these steps on how to clean your driving record in Florida are extremely difficult, this is by far the easiest of them all. (Please do not try to get a speeding ticket though.) If you have not taken an online traffic school course in the state of Florida in the past 12 months you are eligible to take this course . This course can be taken to either dismiss a ticket OR remove points from your driving record, ultimately lowering your insurance cost! Who doesn’t want their insurance cost lowered? You also, help save your self money by dismissing your ticket rather than having it appear on your recorded. We have a 100% guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed, or we pay the ticket ourselves. Save your self the hassle and take an online course.

2. Sign up for a Florida ticket dismissal course

Signing up for a course is easy. Again, if you haven’t taken a course within 12 months or 5 times in your total life, you should be able eligible. Click the link below to begin registration Florida Online Traffic School This course is state approved and also 100% guaranteed. It is also, one of the lowest priced at $5.00. Have your ticket information handy as you begin our registration.

3. Take your online course

Once you have registered its time to being your course. This course allows you to go at your own pace, stopping and starting when needed. It is 100% videos, no reading required. The best part is this course was made by real comedians to keep you entertained. No boring videos, we promise It is also comparable with your computer, phone and tablet so you can take this course from any device you wish. Want to start on your laptop and continue later on your phone? No problem! We will keep your place every time you log in and out.
Once you have completed your course, you will take an easy final exam to go over everything we learned. Don’t worry! Our test are multiple choice and have a pass rate of 99.99%. We also give you the option to retake the exam if needed.
*It is important to remember that all courts have their own specific deadline on when your course must be completed. They are normally anywhere from 60-90 days. Make sure to check your specific court due date. All courses must be finished within the time given*

4. Download your Certificate

Once you have completed the course and the final exam on your own time you get to download/print your certificate! (Woah) This service is completely free and instant. Your certificate is also submitted to FLHSM upon course completion. We try to make getting your certificate as easy as possible! No waiting for the mail or hidden fees! Just finish your course and your certification is right there waiting for you, ready for your speeding ticket dismissal.

5. Dismiss your ticket

Once you have completed your course and download your certification it must be sent to the court where you received your ticket. Many courts allow you to send your downloaded certification by email. Others may still require you to print your certification and send it to them by mail. Check with you county clerk to see how to best send in your certification of completion. Once you have done this, your court will close our the citation with out putting any points on your record!

6. Get points off of your driving record and reduce your insurance cost

If you have completed your florida traffic school course you can be eligible for a reduction in your car insurance cost! Not only will you keep points off your record but drivers save an average of 10% off of their premiums after completing a course. Download your certificate and send a copy to your insurance provider. From their they will be able to tell you how much you will save on car insurance! It’s a Win, Win!

Florida Ticket dismissal, we make it easy and fun

Getting a ticket is not ideal but, we try to make the dismissal process as easy and funny as possible. Our real comedians made this course funny AND informative. With all videos and zero reading, getting points taken off your driving record has never been more painless.
We also want to help people save some extra money on their car insurance! Don’t forget to not only send your certificate to your county clerk for ticket dismissal but also, to your insurance company! Make sure you sign up today and get started at your own pace. We promise to try and make you laugh while making your driving life a little safer.

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