Corporate defensive driving classes are beneficial for a multitude of reasons like getting all of your employees done at once and group discount cost. But not only is it convenient both work wise and financially, it may also help people retain information better. When working in groups there are several main benefits to consider: discussion of topics with peers, clarification of topics, motivation from others, added humor and you cant still take your class online!

1. Discussing topics with your peers

When taking corporate defensive driving classes many topics will be converted from seatbelts to speeding limits. Let’s be honest, its all been awhile since we have gone over some of the rules of the road and we can all use a little refresh. Occasionally we will go over a topic that hasn’t been brought since you first took your drivers license test at 16. This is where some open discussion with your peers can really come in handy.

If there is anything ever not understood, asking your peers can help, sometimes even more so than asking your instructor. We tend to remember things better when discussing them with friends or co workers. This helps create safer drivers on the road and it will help people pass their final defensive driving exam a little easier.

2. Clarification of topics

Another benefit of taking corporate defensive driving classes is clarification! We have all been there, maybe you zoned out or just didn’t understand a topic. With group classes, this problem can easily be solved. The chance of understanding topics when in a group discussion is very low. This makes taking a group class even more desirable than taking a class on your own.

3. Motivation from others

According to an article written by The Guardian One of the main reasons group work can be better is motivation. Humans are naturally motivated by others. When we see our peers learning and working hard we desire to do the same. “ The underlying drive to be part of a group, to be recognised and appreciated by its members, and to achieve high status among them can be a serious motivator when it comes to completing a task.”
This is a good reminder if you are either with a group of friends or work colleagues. If everyone is pulling their weight, you will all be more motivated. This again, creates safer drivers on the road!

4. Added humor

Working in a group will always add a sense of humor to any topic. Our courses are designed to be fun, but taking them with a group can make it even better. You are always bound to have at least one class clown in the group.
It is scientifically proven that humans are more likely to remember something if there was humor involved. “It appears that emotionally charged situations can lead us to create longer lasting memories of the event. When we are led to experience feelings of delight, anger or other states of mind, vivid recollections are often more possible than during everyday situations in which we feel little or no emotional attachment to an event.“ This is according to
So why not get a group together to laugh AND to learn.

5. Corporate defensive driving classes can be done online!

Things have changed due to the coronavirus and we like everyone else are trying to stay safe. That is why you can get group training online. You can either get a group discount to all take your online class OR we have group zoom classes available for scheduling.
Both of these options are taught by professional comedians and can be scheduled at your likening. Theses options allow you the benefit of group learning without putting anyone at risk.

Make sure to sign up today at Comedy Defensive Driving or clink here to email about setting up a group zoom class for you company!
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