Traffic and speeding tickets during coronavirus has been an interesting thing to track. Like almost everything else in 2020, its completely unexpected. Most of us assume that with the lack of cars on the road there would be less traffic tickets being handed out. We did some digging and found this to only be partial true. We also go over whether or not you need to pay your traffic/parking ticket AND how to save money if you do get a ticket!

How have roads changed during Coronavirus?

Beginning in March, our highways got a much needed break. Every major city went from rush hour traffic to open roads at all hours. New York City’s traffic went down a whole 40% from the previous year. California’s traffic decreased by 60% on certain highways, explaining the corresponding decrease in car accidents. While this is amazing, too many people have been taking advantage of theses open highways.
When the roads are open with little to zero traffic, people seem to decided that speed limits don’t matter anymore. “Now that the streets are empty, the Fast & Furious wannabes really think they’re living in a video game,” tweeted Councilman Justin Brannon. While this seems like fun to a lot of people, it is a nightmare for officials trying to keep our roads safe.

Less Cars on the Road Surprisingly Doesn’t Exactly Equal Less Tickets during Coronavirus

Speeding tickets in most major cities have almost doubled! Yes, doubled! If we keep with NYC as our example we see that while traffic decreased by 40%, it also has 24,765 speeding tickets in the month of March. 24,765 speeding tickets is up from 12,672 tickets issued daily only a month earlier, according to city data.
Along with more speeding, equals more fatal crashes. While crashes in general have been down, we see more fatal crashes and less fender benders. Officials are still diligently writing tickets to make sure people are obeying speed limits. “With few vehicles on the roadways, a lot of drivers begin to speed,” said CHP Officer Salvador Castro. “Our officers are out there proactively in view to slow down speeding drivers. We are also looking for impaired drivers and reckless drivers.” Trust us, we know, if there isn’t any traffic its extremely easy to forget to abide by speed limits. But remember to keep yourself and those around you safe while driving!

Do I have to pay my Traffic Tickets during Coronavirus

In short, yes. We wrote a previous blog about the halt in parking tickets in most major cities during the beginning of America’s quarantine. This has now expired. You can now receive parking tickets and yes you must pay them. Similar with any kind of traffic ticket. If you receive a ticket you must pay it by the date given on your ticket. Unless you choose not to pay it and take a defensive driving course In this case you will be given an increase in time to complete a course and send your court a certificate of completion in exchange for paying your full ticket price.

How to save Money on my speeding ticket

This is a tough time for most people so what better time to try and save some money on your speeding ticket. As mentioned above, you must pay your tickets. Most courts will not give you any more time that allowed on your ticket to pay a fine. If you have received a ticket and want to take a defensive driving course follow these simple steps.

1. Contact the court you received your ticket from to apply for a defensive driving course. If you have not taken this court for a ticket with in one year, you should be eligible.
2. Once you are approved by your court to defer your traffic ticket with a defensive driving court, sign up online! You will have 90 days to complete your course from the start of your application.
3. Go to and click sign up. All of our courses are online and go at your own pace. We will no longer be doing any in person classes to keep our comedians and you safe! But don’t worry, our online course is just as funny. Stop and Start whenever you want.
4. Once you have completed your course, you will take a short test to make sure you retained the information. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard and you will have multiple chances if you do not pass.
5. After passing the final test you will be prompted to download your certificate! Yay. Download your certificate and either email or print and mail it to your court.
6. That’s it! Enjoy the extra money you saved by not paying full price on your ticket.

Please don’t speed

While we love for all of you to enjoy our hilarious course we have created. We also want to make sure you are driving safely! Speeding through the highway may seem fun, until you have crashed your car or caused another person to crash. The hard truth is most of us are not equipped to handle a vehicle responsibly when driving at extreme speeds (even if you think you are, you probably aren’t).
In Los Angelos it was reported that speeding tickets for over 100mph went up 87%!! “It is alarming to see the number of citations officers are writing for excessive speeds on California roadways,” CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley said. “Higher speeds can lead to much more serious injuries and significantly increase the chance of death should a crash occur.”
Along with putting yourself and other motorist at work, city officials are worried about contractors. Construction is still going on and it is extremely dangerous to speed around them. “Viewing less congested roads as an invitation to drive dangerously jeopardizes the safety of construction and maintenance crews who are working to maintain reliable access to our highways when people need it most,” said Caltrans Director Toks Omishakin.

In short, yes, this seems like the perfect opportunity to Live out fast and furious dreams but DONT! Driving over the speed limit is extremely unsafe and you will still be ticketed! Make sure to continue to drive responsibly to keep yourself and those around you safe! Speeding car