What about common sense while driving and let us not forget to mention laws governing these issues? For example, take a funeral procession. Funeral processions have the right-of-way, but they must yield to emergency vehicles or when directed by a police officer. The lead vehicle must be marked with a light, flag or other insignia indicating a funeral procession. Each vehicle in the procession must have its headlights on as well as its hazard warning lights on. There will always be at least one (and usually two) motorcycle police officers assigned to lead and follow the funeral procession and stop traffic in intersections to allow the funeral procession to proceed safely. So, how can drivers not know the rules when it comes to funerals?

• Funeral processions have the right of way over all vehicles except fire, ambulance and police vehicles (which makes sense as these emergency vehicles should be allowed to pass as to avoid the need for yet another funeral procession).
• They must have a fluorescent orange flag with an appropriate symbol on it.
• It is a civil infraction to cut through a funeral procession.

When in contact with a funeral procession, a driver should be appropriately respectful, but are not required to pull over (again, doing so could cause a crash, requiring a future funeral procession for themselves). So, you may pass a funeral procession but are not allowed to cut in.

And when are we required to put our headlights on during daylight? A good rule to follow is, whenever you have your wipers on, you should also have your headlights on. Also have them on one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise. Although most states don’t require that your headlights be on when you’re on the highway, it’s probably not a bad idea. Since it seems that cars are getting smaller and most people drive white, silver or light silver-blue cars (look in the parking lot and you will notice this too), these cars tend to blend in with the sky and pavement and are likely more easily seen if the headlights are on.

And NEVER play Pokemon Go when you’re driving. Again, good common sense while driving can keep you from being cited and will likely help you live to a ripe old age. Don’t become a statistic

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Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

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