You may have been told by the court that you are required to attend traffic school if you want to avoid having points added to your driver’s license. There is no need to worry, because you will not be bored, not even for a few minutes, when you go to our defensive driving school. That’s because it is an online course that consists of a hilarious video that was written by top comedic talent. Most people think of boring instructors lecturing you on safe driving, pointing you out as an unsafe driver, when they are told that they need to go to Florida traffic school. You will never have this happen when you take our Comedy Defensive Driving course. Our comedy traffic school is completed at home on your computer, or you can watch it anywhere that has internet access. It is Florida Approved, and all courts in the state accept our course. Here is some additional information about Comedy Defensive Driving:

• Our course satisfies Court/DMV ordered classes
• You can avoid or reduce points on your driver’s license by completing it
• You will qualify for lower auto insurance rates by up to a 10% reduction
• Our BDI course takes only 4 hours to finish
• We submit your certificate electronically to the DMV for you when you finish watching the video

Laugh Away Your Traffic Ticket While You Attend Our Traffic School in Florida

It’s really true that you can attend our defensive driving school in the comfort of your home. If you want to stop the video for any reason, that’s okay. Just resume watching where you left off. The price of our course is only $25.00 — the lowest price allowable by law.