If you have been told by the court that you must take a defensive driving course, Comedy Defensive Driving is where you need to go. In Texas, we offer both an online or in-class version of our course that is extremely funny and entertaining. That’s because our in-class version is taught by top comedians who will entertain you from the beginning to the end of the course.

We also offer an online course that you can take anywhere that has internet connection. Our online Texas Defensive Driving course is also hilarious, because it was written by top comedic talent. Our students tell us that it is easy to complete. All that you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the video. If you need to go somewhere, just stop the video. When you begin watching it again, start viewing where you left off.

More than 2,500,000 students across the country have taken our course since we began our business in 1989. Some of them have retaken our course, because many courts allow you to take it again to dismiss another traffic ticket, if about a year has passed since you last took our course. Going to one of our locations to take our classroom version is lots of fun, but if you like to be in control of your schedule, then our online version is for you. It offers the convenience and flexibility that puts you in charge of when you watch the video and complete the course. Here are a few additional facts about our online TX defensive driving course:

• You pay only $25.00 for our course, with no hidden fees
• Laugh at our funny video while you dismiss your traffic ticket
• There is no reading or writing involved
• It is state approved by all Texas courts
• Our online course takes only 5 hours to complete with 1 hour of break time
• Lower your auto insurance rates at the same time

Complete Your Texas Defensive Driving Course and Get Your Certificate in the Mail

After you finish watching the video for our online Texas defensive driving course, we will mail your certificate to you within a few days. We process certificates daily, but if you want to order your certificate to be delivered by one of the expedited shipping methods offered by FedEx, we can do that for an additional charge. Otherwise, we will mail your certificate to you by the US Postal Service.

If you are wondering what to do with your certificate when you receive it, it depends on the court that handled your traffic citation. Many times, the court requires that you mail your certificate to them to have your traffic ticket dismissed. In some cases, you may be required to appear again in court with the certificate to prove that you completed a defensive driving program. We believe that if you have to take a defensive driving course that you ought to do it in the most enjoyable way possible. That’s why we have made our online course funny throughout the video. We know that it’s human nature to like to do things in an easy way, and our course provides a way to do this.