Very few people are happy that they are required by the court to take a defensive driving course. That is, until they experience the hilarious comedians who teach our Texas online defensive driving course at Comedy Defensive Driving. Everyone knows that Texas defensive driving courses can be dry and dull, but they have not taken our course that has made millions of people all over the country laugh throughout our video.

You will relate to the jokes about speeding, running red lights, not stopping completely at stop signs, and all of the other things that Texas drivers do to get traffic citations. The funniest part of all is that you can dismiss your traffic ticket as you watch this funny video. Whoever thought that you could go to Texas defensive driving school on your home computer? Besides that, you can relax in your pajamas, eat popcorn and have a great time.

While you are dismissing your traffic ticket, you will also be able to lower your auto insurance rate by completing our course. Here are some other facts about our Texas Defensive Driving course:

• The cost is only $25.00 with no hidden fees
• You will be able to finish our course in only 5 hours, plus one hour of break time
• There is no reading or writing involved
• Sit back and watch a video
• Start and stop any time, and resume where you left off
• We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Approved by all courts in Texas

We issue certificates daily, so you will receive yours very soon after you finish watching our video. We mail certificates by US Postal Service for free, but you can choose an expedited shipping method by FedEx if you are in a rush.
Once you receive your certificate, you will need to take it to the court that handled your traffic citation. They will then record that you have completed a Texas defensive driving course, and your traffic citation will be dismissed. Our course also qualifies you for up to a 10% reduction in your auto insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Texas Online Defensive Driving Course

You probably have a few questions, like most people do when they are getting ready to do something that they haven’t done before. Maybe you’re wondering why our course is 5 hours, plus a one hour break. The answer to that question is that the Texas Education Agency requires that we must meet these time requirements to be state approved.

Many students have wondered if they need special software or equipment to view our online video. You need to have the basics that you probably already have, including DSL or Broadband, Internet browser, Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater, a mouse and keyboard, speakers or headphones, and a Mac, Windows, or Linux Operating System.

We have the answers to more frequently asked questions that you can find on our FAQ link. There is also an online form that you can submit with an additional question that we will answer for you, if it is not listed on this page. Like millions of others who have dismissed their traffic tickets by completing our course, we know that you will have a blast.