If you’ve received a traffic citation lately, they look like a Wal-Mart receipt. When I was a new driver, a traffic ticket was a small carbon copy and the price of the ticket was posted on the back side of the ticket. Assuming you were speeding, it would indicate what the cost was by how many miles over the speed limit you were clocked at. And the maximum cost of a ticket was around $50 (and that was probably for manslaughter). Now, speeding fines range anywhere between $180 and $400, and the price of the ticket is not printed on the ticket because some police officers are not trained paramedics. They don’t want you to have a heart attack right there in the car. But they want you to call or go online to see what the price of these costly traffic tickets are, then you can have that heart attack in the privacy of your own home.

Speeding is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other fines I have come across that may be useful to know (at least it may save you some money).

• Loud Music $144.00
Really Loud Banda Music (unforgiveable)
• No Mud Flaps On Your Dully Truck $350.00
Road Kill Stuck To Your Mud Flaps (unforgiveable)
• No Seat Belt $100.00-$25.00
Fastening The Seat Belt Behind You So It Doesn’t Beep (unforgiveable)
• Not Signaling Before Changing Lanes Or Turning $177.00
Cutting People Off Without Signaling (unforgiveable)

Some of the fines I am still waiting to see:

• TWI (Texting While Intoxicated)
• DWS (Driving While Sexting)
• DAD (Dumb A## Driving)

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
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