Many people from the State of Texas have taken our Texas defensive driving course. The reason why they love our course is that it is not boring and dull like most other defensive driving courses. That’s because our online course was written by top comedic talent, and if you want to take our Texas defensive driving course in the classroom, it is taught by top comedians. Both our online or classroom courses are State Approved by the Texas Education Agency. You can register online and when you complete the course, you will get a certificate of completion. Our students take our course for these reasons:

• Traffic Ticket Dismissal

• Insurance Reduction

• Driver Education

No matter why you are taking our course, you will find it informative and entertaining.

Our Texas Defensive Driving Course is Offered in Many Cities in the State

If you the type of person who would rather take a classroom course than an online course, then our Texas defensive driving course in the classroom version is for you. Comedy Defensive Driving in San Antonio and in other cities takes only around 360 minutes to complete with 60 minutes of break time. Our defensive driving classes have fees that vary with location, but the cost ranges from $25 to $50. After you finish your class, we will send your certificate to you by standard delivery for free. You can also choose expedited shipping for an extra charge. We offer Next Day Delivery or Courier Service, and you can choose the option that best fits your needs.