On September 16th, I wrote a blog about seat belts on school buses. Safety experts say it is a “no brainer.” Even young children know better. Since they are always correctly restrained in the back seat of their family vehicle, it’s just becomes a habit. They know that it’s safer. They feel safer. So, it must be terribly confusing for a child when they get on the school bus and there are no seat belts. Now, finally the Federal Government is changing their position and recommending there be seat belts in every school bus, nationwide. It’s about time! So here is the most recent update regarding seat belts on school buses.
Some school buses already have them, but most don’t. And, although even Mark Rosekind, the Administrator of the NTSA (National Traffic Safety Administration) agrees that the safest way for a child to get to school is on that big yellow bus, many kids are killed and thousands are injured every year in school bus accidents. The NTSA doesn’t require seat belts on school buses. But now, NTSA is now taking action and officially declaring that seat belts save lives. And going even further by endorsing that there should be a 3 point restraint safety belt for every child on every bus. They are asking school districts to do it voluntarily and if not, rule making may follow. Also, eventually making it mandatory for a bus manufacturers to have seat belts standard on school buses. So, if the safest way to get to school is on that big yellow bus, wouldn’t safety belts make them even safer? Absolutely!
It’s definitely a huge step. But It’s not a mandate yet. It’s up to your local school district to budget it. But it is going to be expensive and experts worry that some districts won’t do it unless they are forced to. So the NTSA says they may have to do just that.
Parents and educators need to rally together within their own school districts to make school officials aware of the utmost importance of this matter.
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Update Regarding Seat Belts on School Buses – Comedy Defensive Driving