I was having trouble falling asleep and all of my fellow zombie friends offered up a variety of remedies. From what I can recall, because I’ve slept since then, they suggested a plethora of both natural and synthetic sleep inducers such as Melatonin, Benadryl and Chamomile Tea. One friend even suggested I watch The Big Band Theory. Nah, just kidding, she actually told me get some tryptophan (the enzyme in turkey) and watch Scream Queens. Honestly, that worked the best. I took the tryptophan at bedtime with a side order of cranberry sauce and a nice Chianti. Perhaps it was the Chianti that knocked me out. Whatever it took, I didn’t care. I was desperate for that elusive thing called sleep. Even my dogs, that do nothing but sleep all day (they are even sleeping next to me as I write this blog), had no trouble getting to sleep at night. I considered walking in a circle, like they do, until I fell asleep. Perhaps it’s the dizziness that does them in. I hear that mixing medications will do the same. Probably the reason they don’t ask me back at the Improv. The Thanksgiving holiday is only one week away. With holiday travel and large tryptophan induced meals (that may even include alcohol), make sure you get a grip on Drowsy Holiday Driving.
Most states now have fatigue laws regarding drowsy driving. And some of those states consider a drowsy driver to be just as dangerous as a drunk driver. Which means that the penalties could be just as stringent as driving while impaired on alcohol or drugs. So, maybe limit your drinking or do not drink at all. If you do drink, designate a driver. Try to cut back on the turkey. Don’t overstuff yourself. Bring home what you can’t eat in a doggie bag. Your dogs will love that. Feed them the turkey with tryptophan. They will sleep until Christmas. And have a safe Thanksgiving holiday.
Until next week…
Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist
Drowsy Driving – Comedy Defensive Driving