Trusting Other Drivers

I don’t know about you, but I have trust issues. And I certainly don’t trust other drivers around me while they are texting, tailgating, road raging, etc. How comfortable do you feel telling the person driving you around that they should not be texting while driving? Especially when they have passengers in the car. What if that person is your new boss? Would it be a big faux pas to scold them? Perhaps the best measure would be to ask them to either wait until you’ve stopped, or to offer to text the message for them as they dictate. After all, isn’t that what they really hired you for in the first place? And, they’re supposed to be the boss, shouldn’t you be driving them instead? Ask them if you can drive while they text. Take some measures so you can begin trusting other drivers. And, if you just can’t help yourself, and you’re the “parent” type, you could bring up the fact that you have eight wonderful children (and perhaps even more that you don’t know about) who depend on you for food and shelter and what would happen to them if you were suddenly killed in a senseless accident all due to your driver’s bad texting habit?

Not only do you have to worry yourself about your own driver, you also have to be concerned with trusting other drivers around you. Especially the weaving and drifting kind. Drunk drivers, distracted drivers, inpatient drivers or even those pesky out of town drivers who don’t know where the heck they’re going in the first place. You know the kind that nearly miss their exit, so they cross three or four lanes of traffic so they don’t miss it. And, what are they even thinking, if they’re thinking at all? “I’m going to take this exit if it kills me…and kills everyone else in the way.” There are a lot of selfish drivers out there that take risks at others expense. And, with all of the new, hi-tech safety features in the car, maybe they think those safety features will save their life. That may explain why people take such crazy risks. The airbag alone could do some damage. It comes out as a controlled explosion. And, although it’s a better alternative than eating the steering wheel or hitting the windshield with your cranium, you could still come out of it with burns, a broken nose and that white powder all over your face. So, you may still be alive, but you’re hurting and now you look like a mime.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Comedienne / Writer / Artist / Mime

Trusting Other Drivers – Comedy Defensive Driving