Our defensive driving in Texas course is State Approved by all State Courts. It takes only 5 hours of course time to complete plus 1 hour of break time. Completing our online course enables you to:

• Have your traffic ticket dismissed

• Low your auto insurance rate by up to 10%

• Same day processing of your certificate

• Start whenever you want to

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our defensive driving course in Texas has even more to offer. You will not need to do any reading, writing, or math. Just sit in front of your computer and watch a video. If you want to go get a snack or answer the doorbell, that’s okay. Just stop the video and resume watching when you can. There is no time requirement of how long you can have to complete our course. You could potentially watch a few minutes a day for as long as it takes to finish the course.

Defensive Driving in Texas Classroom Course

Our defensive driving in Texas classroom course can be found in many cities in Texas. When you choose this option, you will be entertained by top comedic talent who will teach your class. You can register online, and after you finish the course we will deliver your certificate by Standard Delivery for free. You can also have it shipped to you with Next-Day Delivery or Courier Service. If you live in the Austin area, you can sign up to take our defensive driving in Austin, Texas or in another city in the state.