The cost of operating a vehicle

I would love to live in a large city like New York or Chicago with a perfectly designed transit system. Mainly because I don’t like to drive. The only problem I would have is the cold winter months. And, with my job, I have a bunch of crap to haul. The current city I live in has a plethora of transportation options such as cabs, ride shares, the train or bus. But then I would have to make those connections while toting all of my work supplies. I’d have to bring a pack mule with me, hence two transit passes (if they allow farm animals on the train…I think I’ve seen a few).

Although a transit pass here is only $6 per day, it would it be worth it after paying a chiropractor and a mental health therapist for stress therapy. Plus, I’d have to feed the mule. Maybe I could ride it to make my connections! I would definitely love to forgo the cost of operating a vehicle. It would be ideal to be independent of a car payment, auto insurance, fuel, upkeep, garaging, parking fees, toll fees, registration, taxes and other unexpected items. If I compare the two, what would make the most sense, cost-wise?


In 2017, AAA revealed the true cost of owning and operating a vehicle. They claim that it costs an average of $8,500 per year to own and operate a vehicle! That’s over $700 per month. This study is based on driving 15,000 miles annually, which most of us do. They estimated this on several factors including:
• Depreciation
• Maintenance and Repair
• Fuel
• Electric Vehicle or Not
You only pray that fuel prices drop, taxes don’t increase, you can find a good sale on tires and your insurance company gives you as many discounts as possible.


My vehicle falls into the medium SUV category, which is the second highest cost vehicle to own and operate. Again, this study is from the fall of 2017, so these rates have likely increased. Where does your vehicle rate on the list? Here is AAA’s list of the least expensive to the highest cost vehicle to own and operate:
• Small Sedan $ 6,354
• Small SUV $ 7,606
• Hybrid $ 7,687
• Med Sedan $ 8,171
• Electric $ 8,439
• Minivan $ 9,146 (humiliated and financially tapped out)
• Lg Sedan $ 9,399
• Med SUV $ 9,451
• Pickup Truck $10,054

When I was shopping for a new car, I only cared about price, safety, appearance and of course the quality of the stereo system. Now it gets me thinking…do I even make $ 9,500 a year at this job that I require transportation for?

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

THE COST OF OPERATING A VEHICLE – Comedy Defensive Driving