This holiday season, we have so many things to be thankful for. I, for one, am thankful that I have amazing friends and family that will bail me out of jail without hesitation (I hope). Thankful that I have been afforded good health and a happy outlook on life (drinking a lot helps there). And extremely thankful that no one close to me has been killed in a car accident this year. But there’s still one month left to go in 2013, which includes good old New Years Eve. So I will keep my fingers crossed. Although I am a thankful driver, I do know how the universe works.

I am thankful when someone lets me merge in traffic. And, in return, the quick flash of the headlights from someone thanking me for letting them merge gives me a nice, warm “fuzzy.” It’s always good to be a thankful driver, and a courteous one as well. I am ever so thankful when I see more than one person in the car pool lane. That is better for our environment in so many ways. And thankful that motorcyclists can get in the car pool lane by themselves and that babies count as one of your passengers in the car pool lane. After all, they should count. Plus, this is a good learning opportunity for them to see how Mommy and Daddy react in traffic. Babies pick up bad words, you know, so bridle your tongue. I give thanks when I see a mom following all of the proper safety precautions with her precious cargo in tow. And, when I see a motorcyclist wearing a helmet. Now, that truly warms my heart.

Parents of small children have so many reasons to give thanks this year. Child safety laws have become more and more stringent. The citation fee for passing a school bus with its red lights flashing, also known as “overtaking a school bus” has reached a whopping $1,250.00. Seat belt laws, booster seat and car seat laws, talking or texting in a school zone and speeding in a school zone are all hefty fines. Funny, kids weren’t as important when I was a kid. Kids are really important now. Especially the private school kids. They have seat belts in their buses and everything. Of course I’m just “ kidding.” I love kids.

Until next week…Happy Thanksgiving.

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Idea Mogul

A Thankful Driver – Comedy Defensive Driving