As of March 1st, Texas will now have both the Inspection Sticker and the Registration Sticker combined into one. They’re calling it the Texas Two Step. So now, you will only require one sticker on your windshield in Texas, your Registration Sticker. And it will serve as combined proof of both the registration and the inspection. This is a sigh of relief for me, since my registration sticker and inspection stick never expire on the same month. It’s kind of like running out of conditioner before running out of shampoo. Perhaps I have obsessive compulsive disorder? Plus, it has always bothered me, having two stickers on my windshield, even when placed properly, they seemed to clutter up my window. And I recall spending tedious hours, every year, removing the old adhesive “ring” left over from last year’s sticker (again, maybe OCD). This will also eliminate fraudulent purchase of inspection stickers, thus eliminating pollutants for those vehicles that would not pass an emissions inspection. A single-sticker system makes vehicle registration dependent on obtaining a passing vehicle inspection. Pretty smart, eh?

So, inspections won’t change. And inspection locations won’t change either. The only thing that will change is that you will no longer get an inspection sticker. Now, you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) in lieu of an inspection sticker. And vehicle inspection stations will no longer collect the state’s portion of the inspection fee. They will only be charging the station’s fee. And the state’s fee will be charged at the time of registration renewal.

You must get your inspection no more than 90 days before registration is due to expire. But, to sinc up those (like me) whose two stickers expire months apart, only this first year, they are cutting us some slack and not making us get two inspections in a year. Say, if your inspection expires before your registration. You only need to get your car inspected when it’s due and that will suffice when you get your registration renewal.

And, bottom line, it’s supposed to save the state of Texas over a million dollars! Again, pretty smart, eh?
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