Getting a ticket can be a real pain. It is inconvenient, expensive, and it can result in a suspension of your driving rights or other consequences. Taking Texas defensive driving is a great way to get your ticket dismissed. Our course is Court Approved by all Courts in the State of Texas. Many times, you can take our course again even if you have already taken it. If the Court gave you permission to take defensive driving in Austin TX or in another city in Texas, you can take our course in two ways:

• Online Course – All you need is a computer with DSL or Broadband, an Internet browser, Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater, a mouse and keyboard, speakers or headphones, and a Mac, Windows, or Linux-based system. Then, simply watch our entertaining video that takes 5 hours to complete, plus 1 hour of break time. It was written by top comedic talent, so you are bound to laugh just like millions of others have who have completed our course. Start and stop at your convenience, and when you are finished, we will send your certificate to you quickly. We send certificates out each day.

• Classroom Course – A great way to meet others and have fun while taking our defensive driving course. You need to be on time and bring a pen and paper plus your driver’s license or state ID. It is also required that you bring your traffic citation or paperwork from the court. Our classroom course is taught by top comedic talent who will entertain you while they instruct you on how to drive safely to avoid getting additional traffic tickets.

Our Texas Defensive Driving Course Is Simple and Easy

Either way that you take our Texas defensive driving course, you will find that it is a simple, easy way to dismiss your ticket.