If you have been stopped by the police for breaking a traffic law, you were probably given a traffic citation. That little piece of paper can cost you a lot, including the loss of your driver’s license, higher auto insurance rates, and a traffic ticket on your driving record. Believe it or not, you can dismiss your traffic ticket by taking our online Texas defensive driving course. It’s as simple as registering online and beginning your defensive driving school course. Some of the advantages of our course are these:

• It is designed to be funny because our course was written by professional comedians
• There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic
• Simply watch a video in your home or anywhere that has Internet connection
• It is convenient because you complete the course on your schedule. You do not need to take off of work or school to attend
• It is okay to stop the video when you need to take a break or go somewhere. Just start watching again where you left off

Of course, our defensive driving classes are approved by the Texas Education Agency.

Comedy Defensive Driving School Is the Best Way to Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket

More than 2,500,000 students have attended our defensive driving school since 1989, and most of them told us that our course was hilarious. They never thought that they could laugh as they took a defensive driving course. We charge the lowest price allowable by law, which is $25.00. Besides dismissing your traffic ticket, you can also lower your auto insurance rates by up to 10%, which is a significant savings in the coming years. You will need to spend 5 hours on our video course, plus 1 hour of break time, which is mandated by the Texas Education Agency. Any way you look at it, getting rid of your traffic citation by watching our entertaining video is a good deal when you want to dismiss your traffic ticket.