I once knew a Palm Reader who said she was having transmission troubles. So, when she read my palm, her predictions were that I was going to live a long life, my love line was good and strong, and I was destined to be a rodeo clown…what? Although my life revolves around clown-like behavior, of which has gotten me in trouble many times, I haven’t been to a rodeo in years. Later on, when she was packing up her crystal ball, she said that what she meant was, her vehicle was having transmission troubles…not her. So, there was really no excuse for a really bad palm reading that I paid $15 for now, was there? Perhaps, due to the costly repairs she was about to face, she needed the $15 more than I did.

If she was really that good at reading the future, wouldn’t she would have already noticed the warning signs that her transmission was failing? Here are a few of those indications:

  • If your car is leaking black or pink oil (i.e. if your garage floor looks like a Jackson Pollock painting).
  • If your car is making a knocking, pinging sound.
  • If your “check engine” light is on.
  • If you smell something burning under your hood.
  • If your car takes its time shifting gears (especially noticeable when the engine is cool).
  • If your car seems to be stuck in neutral, even when you step on the gas.
  • If your clutch seems to drag.

First, check your transmission fluid level. It would also be a good idea to just take to your mechanic and have him check it out to see if it’s going to be a serious issue that requires more than topping up your fluid levels. Perhaps your mechanic has a better read on your car’s future than your own personal clairvoyant.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist / Idea Mogul

Transmission Troubles – Comedy Defensive Driving