At Comedy Defensive Driving, we offer a Texas defensive driving course that allows you to have your traffic ticket dismissed. You can take your choice of attending our classroom course, if you like to socialize and be around others as you learn, or you can opt to take our online course in your own home. Each of these options has advantages, and the great thing is that both of them enable you to have your traffic citation dismissed. You can also save up to 10% on your auto insurance after you finish your course.

Our online course costs only $25 and is the #1 comedy course online. If you have a tight schedule and cannot get away to take our classroom course, then taking it online is for you. This is because you set your own schedule. All that you do is watch a very funny video on your mobile phone, tablet, Mac, or PC. There is no reading or writing, and you can log off if you need to go to work or do something else. When you resume watching the video, it will automatically start where it left off. It couldn’t be any easier than this.

We offer our classroom course at many locations around the State of Texas. You can take Comedy Defensive Driving in Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Dallas, and many more cities in Texas. There is sure to be one near where you live. We are proud to say that it is the #1 comedy course for classroom training. Prices start at only $25, and you will enjoy the entertaining and easy classroom atmosphere. Both our online course and classroom course have these things in common:

• Only 5 hours of course time with a 1 hour break time
• State approved by all courts in Texas
• Certificates processed each business day
• Free and expedited certificate options available
• Hilarious content that is taught by top comedic talent

Our Texas Defensive Driving Courses Will Keep You Laughing

We have designed our Texas Defensive Driving courses to be funny and entertaining. Our online course was written by professional comedians. If you opt to attend our classroom version of our course, you will feel a lot like you are at a comedy club. That’s because your course will be taught by professional comedians who know how to entertain you and keep you laughing as you learn. The Texas Education Agency realizes that students learn best when they are interested in a subject. They also know that humor helps students remember the material that was covered in a course. For these reasons, they have approved our course.

Over 3 million students in Texas have successfully completed our course to remove their speeding tickets, failure to stop, or other moving violations from their driving records. You won’t want to miss out on the fun at our classroom sessions. Since 1989, we have had headline comedians including Robert Hawkins, Ralphie May, Scott Kennedy, Howard Kremer, Patrick Candelaria, and others teach defensive driving with us. A few of our current instructors are Daun Thompson, William DeButts, Joel Malloy, Eric Smith, and Evan Ramsay.

There are a few things that you need to know before you attend our classroom course. You need to bring a state issued ID with you, like your driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate. You should also bring a copy of your traffic ticket and any paperwork that you were given by the court that handled your case. It is important to be on time, because state law does not permit us to admit students who are late to class. Be sure to bring a pen and some paper, and some cash or a money order to pay for your course if you have not already paid for it. Also, bring along some meal money, because students are allowed to eat and drink at certain times during class. We will have a menu with items listed that you can buy. In some locations, the meal is included in the cost of your class during registration.