If you have received a traffic citation in Florida, you may have the opportunity to take our Florida traffic school course online to reduce the points on your driver’s license. The State of Florida requires that you complete a Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) if you want to retain your license under these circumstances:

• You were a driver in a crash and were found at fault if someone was transported to the hospital.
• You have had two crashes in a two-year period, and property damage greater than $500 was a result of the accident.
• For passing a stopped school bus.
• Highway racing.
• Highway racing – spectator.
• Reckless driving.
• Running a red light.

If you have gotten a ticket for a non-criminal moving violation, and you do not have a commercial driver’s license, it is your choice of whether to attend a basic driver improvement course or to get points added to your driving record. In some cases, you may also receive an insurance discount, but this is completely at the discretion of your insurance company.

If you have a Class A, B, or C license, you may not make an election under this subsection. You may elect to complete our defensive driving course in Florida to receive benefits, such as your insurance rates cannot go up and your policy cannot be cancelled because of the violation unless you were involved in a crash where you were found at fault. In addition, points may not be added to your driver’s license record, adjudication of guilt is withheld, and safe driver status is maintained if applicable. If you have made this election in the preceding 12 months, then you may not take our course, and you may not take a defensive driving course more than five times in a 10-year period.

How to Keep Your Driver’s License with Our Florida Traffic School

If you decide to take our Florida traffic school online course, you will be able to avoid having points added to your driver’s license. You need to inform the Clerk of Courts where you received your ticket that you want to go to traffic school. You will also be required to pay an election fee to the Clerk of Courts in this county. You must do this within 30 days of receiving your traffic citation.

Our Florida traffic school is an online course that is easy and fun to complete. It consists of a funny video that was written by professional comedians to keep you entertained as you learn more about safe driving practices. The course is 100% video with no reading or writing, and it is designed for your success. We have been in business since 1989 at Comedy Defensive Driving. Since then, over 3 million students have successfully completed our course. It is Florida State approved by the DMV and is designed for you to complete in only 4 hours. There are many advantages to our course, such as the fact that you can stop if you need to do something. Then, simply resume watching where you left off. We submit your certificate electronically to the DMV and send you a copy in the mail once you have successfully completed your course.

You can’t go wrong with the price of our course at Comedy Defensive Driving, and we charge only $8.00 for your course price. We never hide fees like many other schools do, because we believe in telling you everything up front. There is also a $7.00 required state and processing fee and a $10.00 certificate fee with email delivery. Our all-video course is free, as are the audio and testing that are both included in the price of your course.