Texas Comedy Defensive Driving Course

When you choose our Texas Comedy Defensive Driving classroom or online course to dismiss your traffic ticket, you can take your choice of how you want to complete your course. No matter where you live in the State of Texas, you can take our online course in the privacy of your home. This means no getting dressed for class, and you can take your course in your pajamas if you want to. You set your own schedule and watch a hilarious video that was written by top comedic talent. We know that you will enjoy your course just like millions of others have since we started our business in 1989. We have had more than 3,000,000 students complete our course.

Our online course is perfect for those who have tight schedules and cannot spend a block of time to take our classroom course. There is no reading or writing, and you can stop and start as you wish. If you need to answer the door or go to work, simply begin where you left off. The video takes you there automatically, so it is really simple to use. Another advantage of our course is that it can save you up to 10% on your auto insurance. This can add up to hundreds of dollars over a few years, yet you pay only $25.00 for our course. It is mobile phone-, tablet-, Mac-, and PC-friendly and is the #1 comedy course online.

We also offer classes at Comedy Defensive Driving in San Antonio and in other cities throughout Texas. You look to see if there is a class meeting soon near your home, and there probably is, since we have many locations. Many of our students prefer our defensive driving course in the classroom because they finish their requirement to dismiss their traffic ticket in only one day. Both our online and classroom versions are approved by the State of Texas and accepted by all courts in the state. Our online course costs only $25.00 for everything, and prices for the classroom version begin at $25.00 and may vary, depending on the location where you take your course. Both versions take 5 hours of class time to complete, plus 1 hour of break time.


Students Enjoy Our Texas Comedy Defensive Driving Course

We often hear from Comedy Defensive Driving students that they have thoroughly enjoyed both our defensive driving course in the classroom and online. That’s because both of them are absolutely hilarious. Classroom versions are taught by top comedic talent, and attending our class will probably remind you of spending time at your favorite comedy club. When you attend a Texas defensive driving school like ours, you can be assured that the time will speed by and you will be finished in a short time. We send certificates out after you finish either version of the course. Many courts require that you take or mail your certificate to the Clerk of Courts in the district that handled your case.

There are time limits set by each court as to how long you have to submit your certificate to have your traffic citation dismissed, so you will not want to miss the deadline. For that reason, we suggest that you register for either our online or classroom course as soon as possible so that you do not miss the opportunity to have your ticket dismissed and lower your auto insurance by as much as 10% each year.

We do offer standard delivery for free with delivery by USPS. We suggest that you allow between 5 and 9 business days to receive your certificate. We process certificates each business day. If you are in a rush, we also offer expedited shipping by FedEx. Priority Overnight shipping costs $24.95 and has an estimated next business day delivery by 10:30am. Standard Overnight delivery costs $19.95 and has an estimated next business day delivery by 3pm, with remote areas receiving their delivery by 8pm for residential customers. Second Day Air costs $14.95 with delivery on the 2nd business day with estimated delivery by 4:30pm.