The days of sitting in boring classes for hours to reduce or avoid points on your driver’s license are gone forever when you turn to Comedy Defensive Driving for your Florida Traffic School. With our online course, you will finish your Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course in only 4 hours. It is Florida State approved by the DMV, and we will automatically submit your certificate to the DMV for you after you finish your course. If you are on a tight schedule and do not have time to sit in a class, then our online course is the perfect solution. You set your own schedule and take the course whenever you have time. There is no need to take off of work or school. If you need to stop to go somewhere, or to get a drink or a snack, you can easily do that. When you return, the course will automatically take you to the point where you left off.

Our course consists of watching a very funny video from home, at the office, or anywhere with a computer and a few basics like these:

• DSL or Broadband
• Internet browser
• Adobe flash player 8.0 or greater
• Peripheral devices such as a mouse and keyboard
• Speakers or headphones
• Operating system like Mac, Windows, or Linux

If you need any help or have questions about these requirements, you can contact our customer support. We are here for you, and you can reach us in several ways. You can get the information that you need from our Chat, or email us at You can also use our online course support that provides easy tips to help you maximize your computer for online viewing or to troubleshoot any computer issues related to viewing your course. Another way to reach us is by phone at 972-573-2700.

Our Florida Traffic School Offers What You Need to Avoid License Points

You probably never knew that it was so easy to avoid those points on your driver’s license or to get your license back until you found out about our course. We have been helping students since 1989, and so far more than 3 million students have successfully completed our courses. Florida Traffic School has many advantages, such as the fact that it is an easy course to complete. There is no reading or writing, and we are sure that you will pass your course just like millions of others have done. Besides electronically submitting your certificate of completion to the DMV, we will also mail you a copy of your certificate.

Besides avoiding points on your license, you can also reduce your auto insurance by as much as 10%. You can check with your insurance company to see just how much you can count on saving. We charge only $8.00 for our course, which covers ticket dismissal and point avoidance. There is also a $7.00 required state and processing fee and a $10.00 certificate fee with email delivery. Our Florida Traffic School all-video course is offered for free, and audio and testing are also free. This is a real bargain, especially when you consider that you can save hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance, alone, over a couple of years by taking our course.

If you would like to know what you will be learning in our video course, you can click on our list of Resources to see the topics that are covered in our defensive driving course in Florida. Some of the topics covered are driving in different weather conditions, such as in the rain, wind, or ice. We also cover how to enter and exit the freeway, yielding to the highway, and passing on a two lane road. Other topics such as the point system in Florida are covered, and you will learn practical tips such as off road and skids recovery, safety equipment, and much more. When you learn from the professional comedians that have written our video, you acquire new knowledge in an interesting and entertaining way.