It’s hard to believe that, not too long ago, people could smoke on airplanes. We all know from experience that there are babies on airplanes. That could be one reason why they cried back then. Most of them probably had ear tubes and were taking medication for ear infections because of our ignorance about the effects of second hand smoke. When I was a kid, our family would take long road trips, hundreds of miles, with the windows rolled up and my dad chain-smoking like there was no tomorrow. Now, smoking with kids in the car is illegal in at least eight states in the U.S. and, as of October 1st, will be illegal in the U.K.
In America, states that have banned smoking in cars when children are present include Oregon, California, Utah, Vermont, Main, Arkansas, Louisiana and Puerto Rico. And other states are considering passing a ban as well. Not only is smoking in an enclosed space hazardous for children, it is also hazardous for other passengers. In addition, preventing the driver from being distracted by the act of smoking decreases the danger of traffic accidents.
It is said that over 80% of cigarette smoke is invisible and even opening windows does not remove all of the smoke. The level of toxic air in a vehicle from one cigarette is up to 10 times greater than levels that are considered hazardous. Children with undeveloped lungs and immune systems are susceptible to serious health issues from being cooped up in a car with cigarette smoke. Child endangerment is a serious matter. Now that we have evolved regarding second hand smoke, it is likely not too far in the future that all states will implement a no smoking ban in automobiles.
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Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Smoking With Kids In The Car – Comedy Defensive Driving