This whole month of October we are going to be focusing on driving speed limits. Speed limit signs are a great concept that could apply to relationships as well. Think of it as “relationships limits.” She has asked you about your last girlfriend, “Slow down, you’re exceeding the relationship limit!” Or how about this one; you pass gas around her within one month of dating. That is definitely breaking the relationship limit!

I hear people all the time praising the Autobahn in Germany. No limits, you can drive over 100mph! Yeah, but when they have an accident, there is usually nothing left of the cars, except a few pieces of scrap metal and human tissue. Driving speed limits are there to regulate the flow of traffic. Without them, it would be chaos on the freeways and defensive driving/traffic schools would be out of business. There are speed limits in west Texas that are posted at 80mph, a speeder’s wet dream! In Oregon, the speed limit on their interstates is only 65mph, a speeder’s nightmare! Some people actually think you can have a buffer on how much you can go over the limit. Hello! It’s called the “speed LIMIT”, not the “speed Kinda.”

Join me again next week and we will discuss the best excuses for speeding.  I’m sure you have a few of your own.  Remember, speed limits are a good thing.  And so are limits on the relationship.  Like my girlfriend but a limit on the backdoor. Apparently, I forget to wipe my feet when I come in from the outside.

Take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton