Oh, how I love thee, Defensive Driving! Let me count the ways!! There are so many reasons to take defensive driving in 2020. The price of a moving violation has increased as well as insurance rates. Now that we have been forced to work from our homes with this crazy pandemic. Some have even lost their jobs. And we have no alternative but to cut corners and find ways to save money. This is where taking an online defensive driver’s course will certainly come in handy!

Here are a few reasons to enroll in a defensive driving course

  • The objective is to improve your driving skills by reducing risk and making safe decisions.
  • Ticket price reduction: moving violations are costly, but if you choose to take defensive driving your ticket will be reduced to a much more manageable court cost.
  • Your moving violation will be dismissed and will not appear on your driving record.
  • Reduce insurance rates: most insurance providers offer a 10% discount on the liability portion of your auto insurance, per-year, for three years. Some offer a higher discount.
  • You will learn about new laws, revised laws and other pertinent information that your state requires you to know as the bearer of a state issued driver license.

Reducing your auto insurance rates

Here’s the best/worst case scenario I have observed. Lets say you’re a male, under 25 years of age. Your parents bought you a brand new sports car for your high school graduation gift, but they are making you pay your own auto insurance (the gift of independence and responsibility). Now, you are heading off to your first year of college, working three jobs so you can afford to pay $460 per month insurance rates (no joke). College is entirely too expensive to be working three jobs when you should be studying, right? If your insurance agency offers you the minimum of a 10% defensive driving discount , you could reduce your premium by up to $550 per year. In addition, there are other insurance discounts you could be missing out on, such as good student discounts for a high g.p.a.

How to request defensive driving for a ticket dismissal

When you receive a citation, you will see a court appearance date listed on it. If you choose to appear before the judge and plea your case with hope of having the ticket dismissed, this is your date. Otherwise, if you choose to request defensive driving for a ticket dismissal and reduced price (court cost), you must contact the court prior to this date (either in person, by phone, on their website or by mail). In most cases, they will require you to pay the court cost at that time. The clerk will give you paperwork regarding your requirements and what to return to the court for your ticket dismissal. Or, if you submit your request and payment remotely, you will receive this paperwork in the mail. Once your request for defensive driving is approved, you have 90 days to return your documents to the court.

And, voila!  Poof!!  Ticket dismissed. Insurances rates lowered (in most cases). And you’re driving around with a squeaky clean (or, cleaner) driving record.

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Daun Thompson

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Reasons to take defensive driving in 2020 – Comedy Defensive Driving