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My Texas driver license is due to expire in June of 2021. It’ll be 6 years since it was issued so this time I will need to have a new picture taken. I would prefer to keep the older, more youthful picture like anyone my age does on Facebook or any dating websites (not that I would know anything about dating websites). On my birthday I received a letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety, reminding me that my license was due to expire in two years. Oh, and I also received a birthday card from AARP, which really honked me off. I don’t have AARP, but I’m pretty sure that younger guys only want to date me so they can use my AARP discount. When I read the first paragraph of the TXDPS letter I thought perhaps I should I keep the letter on my fridge for 2 years as a reminder?

When I read further into the letter, they explained that beginning October 1, 2020, federal agencies will only accept Texas driver licenses and identification cards for official federal purposes. This includes air travel and entering federal facilities, provided the Texas driver license or identification card is marked REAL ID compliant. The REAL ID driver’s license or identification card must have the gold star in the upper right hand corner.


My current license has USA TX at the top right hand corner. The new REAL ID compliant driver license or identification card will not only have the yellow star in place of this, but I noticed that the new Texas license also has the words Lone Star printed on the back of the license under Endorsements. So, if you have the yellow star on front, you will not be required to get a new license. And, good for you, because I hear the lines are super long. I will leave the house clean-shaven and by the time they take my photo, I will have a full beard. So this new license picture should be quite interesting. Most women my age can grow a full beard. We’ve all seen it and it’s something you can’t “un” see.


  • Current driver license or identification card
  • A completed application for renewal
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Identity (proof of)
  • Social security number


In Texas, you can use this link to the DPS website to locate your nearest driver license office. There, you should be able to schedule an appointment to avoid waiting in line (good luck there).

If you reside in another state, your state’s DPS or DMV website will list information of how to renew. As, all states are enforcing the REAL ID Act.

For more information about the Texas REAL ID Act, please visit

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