If Shakespeare were alive today, he would probably write a play about a love/hate story where drivers don’t signal before changing lanes or turning. “To Signal or NOT to signal … that is the question.” There are many theories as to why people don’t signal. I have observed that these theories vary from coast to coast. In fact, my conclusion is that most blame it on drivers who have relocated from either coast, claiming that New Yorkers and Californians don’t signal. I believe it depends on the traffic situation. Some drivers claim that in some states if you turn on your signal, no one will let you over. Here in Texas, if you don’t use it, no one will let you in.

Then again, maybe it’s all about conservation…conserving the life of the bulb so it lasts the life of the car, or conserving blinker fluid. Either way, whatever the excuse may be, it is unlawful to not signal before changing lanes or turning. Since this is a huge issue in all states, it has become a hot issue for writing tickets. Or, it is, at the very least, probable cause for pulling someone over. So now, perhaps not signaling has become a bad habit that needs to be corrected. Like wearing a seatbelt just becomes second nature, being mindful about signaling should become second nature as well.

Taking the time to turn on your signal 100 feet before changing lanes or before turning will not only let other drivers know your intentions, it will also save you a lot of money (tickets, crashes, anger management classes, etc.). Most states offer defensive driving to get a citation dismissed. And most insurance companies offer an insurance discount for taking a defensive driving class. If you are a devout non-signaler, you may want to go ahead and check what your options are in your state, so you will be prepared when Johnny Law comes knocking at your driver side door.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson
Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Why People Don’t Signal – Comedy Defensive Driving