Defensive driving

If you’ve been ‘bad’, or if you’ve been ‘good’ — with Comedy Defensive Driving as your go-to defensive driving online teacher, it’s always all good. Perhaps you’ve been ‘bad’ and committed a serious traffic violation such as a DUI and have to take a court-ordered defensive driving course. Or perhaps you’re ‘good’ and are just looking to reduce your insurance rates for as much as $50 a month.


Maybe you’re somewhere in between, looking for a speeding ticket point reduction or a reckless driving point reduction. The point is pointless! You’re wanting to remove unwanted points on your driving record so that your license has no points on it all — see, pointless!


 With the right online defensive driving courses, you can teach your teenagers too! Why wait for them to worry about falling foul of the law and trying to get a speeding ticket point reduction? Rather outsource the defensive driving course teaching to us from the get-go, so they can learn good habits when they’re just starting to drive. 


More Haha than Uh Oh

comedy defensive drivingThe beauty of Comedy Defensive Driving is that we implement laughter and humor into our online learning classes so that the messages of safe driving actually sink in. It feels less like a chore this way too. Come exam time, you’re far more likely to remember our hilarious one-liners that relate to the rules of the road, and ace your exam the first time around. 


With us, you needn’t feel ashamed about having to complete your defensive driving course because you need a reckless driving point reduction on your license.  We’re all about more ‘haha’ and less ‘uh oh’ with regards to your reasoning for completing a online defensive driving course. We’ve all been there, and we make light of any baggage you may be carrying by throwing in a few jokes that will make sure you’re smarter on the roads next time around.


Whether you’re a single person wanting to keep the slate that is your driver’s license clean, or if you’re part of a family and either need to brush up on the rules of the road and scrub out bad habits or if you’re wanting the kids to get wise behind the wheel right away – then Comedy Defensive Driving is simply the funniest, most time-efficient way to master the rules of the road. 


 We take the serious business of learning how to drive and add a dash of much-needed humor to the 100% online defensive driving course. We’ve been known to have way more fun than the competition and we are very affordable. 


Taught by professional comedians, Comedy Defensive Driving will have you laughing while you learn. Studies show that you retain more info and learn faster when the environment is fun. It doesn’t get funnier and funnier than us!


Having taught over 3 million students so far, we are confident that this is the best way to get the message across of learning how to drive defensively. So while the dangers of driving on our roads in America can sometimes be no joke, learning about it needn’t be.