When you have been issued a traffic citation in Texas, you have to first be approved by the court that issued the ticket before you can complete a Texas defensive driving online course. Taking the course prior to this authorization could result in your certificate of completion not being accepted. In addition, the court may require you to submit other documentation along with your defensive driving course certificate. They might ask you to obtain a copy of your driving record and/or other affidavits.

Keep in mind you are on a deadline as prescribed by the court in your area. They will have issued a date on your approval for a Texas defensive driving online course, which shows when you must turn in all related documentation. If you miss this deadline, then the original traffic citation offense remains in effect and any points for that offense are added to your license. In addition, you may still be required to pay fees and/or other penalties based on the traffic citation.

Why the Court Does Not Obtain Your Driving Record

The court asks for your driving record to see your driving history. Since they are willing to allow you to take a defensive driving course and dismiss your traffic citation, it is your duty to prove to the court they made the right decision. The court wants you to demonstrate to them you are able to take responsibility for your actions by requiring you to obtain a copy of your driving record.

Your driving record shows prior tickets, accidents, points, and the number of previous traffic violations which were dismissed. If you have already had a ticket dismissed by completing a defensive driving course, it is up to the court whether you are eligible to take another course. Before you go through the processes of obtaining your driving record and completing the course, ask the court.

The easiest way to get a copy of your driving record is directly from the State of Texas’ website, where you will locate the section called Driver Records. Verify you are ordering the right version, which in most cases is 3A, and that it is the certified copy required by most courts. While you are waiting for your driving record to arrive, complete our defensive driving course online so you can turn in all of your documentation on time.