Speeding while driving on the road, now I must admit I sometimes have a problem with this one. If you live in Dallas then you know when you have the sparse chance when there is no traffic and you can speed, take it! But sometimes speeding (too much over the limit) isn’t a good thing. Just like in a shiny new relationship, you don’t want to rush things, right? You take things nice and easy. OK, we’re not talking about the freeways in any major town, U.S.A. anymore! Drivers speed on the road all the time and the cops can’t catch all of us, except for that poor S.O.B. who got pulled over for doing five to seven over the speed limit on the highway.

I wish the same consequences for going too fast on the freeway could apply to dating as well. You’re sitting on the sofa and she talks about moving in on the 3rd date, then a cop yanks her over to the side and gives her a ticket. Ladies can relate too, there are plenty of guys who have a led foot/apparatus when it comes to going too fast, especially when there is alcohol and a twenty-four-hour wedding chapel in Vegas involved.

Speed is a major contributing factor in car wrecks, so slow down a little. Join us next week and please keep sending in your comments!

Until next week…

Danny Keaton