I inserted this title because of the freeze frame on the You Tube video 🙂 So my friend calls and says she wants to get out of this relationship she’s been in for the last seven months. First of all, why are you calling me? This sounds like a “Sex in the City” dialogue. Should we go to a swank bar in uptown and disguse this over some Cosmos?
As she was telling me all the wrong things this poor smuck does and doesn’t do, it reminded me of my next assignment – Exiting the Freeway. Getting out of a bad relationship is a lot like getting off the expressway. OK, hear me out on this one…
The freeway is your relationship. The other drivers on the highway are like all the different situitations and distrations that arise in a love affair. Some times these other drivers/relationship episodes make you mad and you shoot the finger or throw things. Other times everything is going smooth, hardly any traffic. But lets say you want off the freeway/or out of the bad commitment. You have to be cautious, one wrong move and you could be in trouble! When exiting the freeway the right of way should be giving not taken. Yes, I know I’ve said that many o’times, but it really is the safest thing rule to use. Besides the law on who has the right-of-way when exiting the freeway differs from state to state. In most states the right-of-way is giving to the driver who is coming off the freeway onto the access road. So all lanes on the service road must yield to the exiting traffic, but all too often we don’t see that courtesy.
As far as exiting your bad love/hate relationship, remember the right-of-way should be giving not taken. Break up with the other person first, that way you come out the winner. Or if you want to be extra cautious break up with them in a text message, just make sure you are not driving while you are texting.

Join me again next week and please, keep sending in your comments. Until then…

Take care and be safe-
Danny Keaton