Getting pulled over during a Pandemic, what is it like and how is it different? If you have been lucky you wont know the answer to this and are just curious. If you have, you know it is much different than before. We asked several people what their experience with getting pulled over during the corona virus.

Are people getting pulled over?

We wrote a blog a bit ago about how random traffic stops have decreased in the state. Check out our blog entitled; “Traffic and Speeding Tickets during the Coronavirus: The supposing truth” to see more on about this subject. Recently things have gotten a bit more normal. Cops are still continuously pulling people over for not obeying traffic laws. While this has become more like it once was the process can be a bit different. Friendly reminder that just because less tickets are being handed out, it does not mean you can disobey traffic laws! Also, most state you now must have your registration up to date or face getting a ticket.

What is it like getting pulled over during a Pandemic

Getting pulled over during a pandemic is defiantly different just like you would expect. Depending on what county you are in, some officers may be more strict than others. It is always a good idea to be on the more precarious side of things.
Firstly, a police officer will normally do their best to avoid contact as much as possible. Like most traffic stops they will run your plates before approaching your vehicle. At this time, just remain calm and prepare your self for the officer to approach your car. If you have gloves with you, you may put your gloves on before the officer comes to your car. You may also put your mask on.
When the officer has approached your vehicle they will ask for your license and registrations. At this time it is most likely that the officer will ask you to pull your masks down to make sure that you are the same person that appears on the license. Once the officer has agreed that this is you, you may pull your mask back up. It is best to leave your mask on for the rest of your exchange with the officer unless otherwise stated.

We asked for several peoples experiences of getting pulled over and here is what they had to say:

-Andrea’s experience was a little different than what we explain above. Andrea was pulled over for speeding and recently received a ticket by an officer. She said she wore her mask the entire time and the officer did not ask her to remove while reviewing her license. She did not have gloves in her vehicle but she did note that the officer did wear his mask through out the entire process as well.

– Zak’s experience was much like what we described early. He was pulled over and immediately put his mask and gloves on. The officer was wearing his mask but no gloves. The officer asked Zak to please pull down his mask as he looked over his drivers license. Once this was done the officer retreated back to his car and continued to write Zak’s citation.

– Emily’s experience was a little different than both of these. She was pulled over and in the heat of the moment forget to put her mask on. The officer was wearing a mask and did not ask her to place hers on. The rest of her citation went just as it normally would. She said she did not even realize that she was not wearing a mask until after she had received a ticket.

Every Officer may be different but it is better to be on the safe side

Each officer has a slightly different take but all officers were wearing masks. There is no official rule saying you must wear a mask while speaking to an officer but it always a good idea to stay safe! Officers come in contact with multiple people a day and we want to keep them safe and ourselves! Out of respect for the person pulling you over it is best to have your mask on before they approach your vehicle. It is also best if you have gloves in your vehicle to put them on, especially if you are signing a citation ticket.

Remember to drive safely and do your best not to get pulled over! Butttttt if you do remember to keep every one around as safe as possible.

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