We know that you will enjoy our Texas defensive driving course at Comedy Defensive Driving. We were the first school to offer a fun and entertaining approach to defensive driving. That is because we do not believe that learning better and safer driving skills needs to be dull and boring. We make it come alive for you by having a professional comedian teach your classroom course. If you want to join others in your city who have traffic citations that they want to dismiss, you might want to register now for our classroom defensive driving classes that are available throughout the state in many different cities. More than 3 million students have already successfully completed our course. You can easily do it too, and have these advantages:
• Have your traffic ticket erased from your driving record
• Lower your auto insurance rate by up to 10%
• Have fun in our class and get it done in one day
• Take our TX defensive driving online to set your own schedule
• Know it is state approved and easy to complete

If you are a social type of person who loves to be around others, you may opt for our classroom course. You can enjoy a nice meal, get to know your classmates, and be entertained by a real, professional comedian. Students tell us that their experience was similar to going to a comedy club. Many other students prefer to take our online course that has its own advantages, such as the fact that you can start and stop whenever you want to. Setting your own schedule gives you the freedom to be in control of your course. You simply watch a video with no reading or writing required. If you need to stop to go to work or for any other reason, the video will automatically begin where you left off.

Our Texas Defensive Driving Course Is Hilarious

Many of our students have told us that our Texas defensive driving online course is so funny that they remember parts of it for years to come. We have specifically designed it to be that way because we want you to enjoy yourself as you dismiss your traffic ticket. The State of Texas and all courts in the state accept our course because they realize that we humans learn very well when we are entertained. If you choose to take our defensive driving online course in Texas, you will not need to get dressed up to attend a class. In fact, wear your pajamas or anything else that you want to, since you will be watching the video in the privacy of your own home.

You may be wondering about what your computer needs to have to access our course, but don’t worry. You probably already have these things like Internet connection, speakers or earphones, mouse and keyboard, and you can take our course on your iPhone, iPad, iMac, Android, tablet, or PC. With so many options, there is no reason to allow that ticket to remain on your driving record when you can erase it easily by taking our course. You pay only $25.00, so our course is a real bargain considering that you could save hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance premiums by not having that ticket on your driving record.

Another advantage of taking your defensive driving course is that we offer a variety of certificate delivery options. It is important to know the due date when your certificate must be turned in, because the court allows only a certain amount of time for you to do this. You may have 30 days to complete your course and turn in your certificate to the Clerk of Courts. For this reason, we offer free shipping, plus expedited shipping if you are a last minute type of person, or if you need to get your certificate delivered as fast as possible so you can get it turned in to the court. You need to allow from 5 to 9 days for free delivery by the USPS, or you can choose one of our options supplied by FedEx. Priority Overnight is the fastest option that will get your certificate to you at an estimated next business day by 10:30am. This option is not available in all areas of the state. Standard Overnight delivery provides an estimated next business day delivery by 3pm; or 2nd Day Air will get your certificate to you with an estimated delivery by 4:30, two days after ordering it.