If you have received a traffic ticket in the State of Florida, you may have the option of going to Florida traffic school. You probably have images of sitting in a boring classroom, listening to lecture after lecture about what a lousy driver you are. This will never happen when you take our defensive driving course in Florida at Comedy Defensive Driving. Instead of lectures, you will have a great time laughing and enjoying your course that was written by top comedic talent. You do not even need to leave your home to go to Florida traffic school when you take our course, because it is completely online. Take it in your underwear, if you want to, because you are in control of your class schedule. You might want to finish it all in one sitting, or divide it up into two or three segments. If you need to stop to do something else, no problem! The video will automatically resume wherever you left off. Here are some facts about our online course:

• Our 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course is simple and easy
• We submit your certificate electronically to the DMV Certificate Delivery System
• You will receive a PDF copy by mail
• Our course is approved by the Florida DMV
• Avoid or reduce points on your license with our course

You will easily be able to complete our defensive driving online course successfully, just like more than 3 million other students have done. We have been in business since 1989 at Comedy Defensive Driving, so you know that you can trust us as your traffic school. Our Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is A+ and our course is 100% guaranteed. We value customer satisfaction and help our customers in any way that we can. Our course costs only $8.00 and does not require any reading. You get free audio and testing that are included in the price. There is also a $7.00 required state and processing fee and $10.00 certificate fee with email delivery. Other than that, we never charge hidden fees like other companies sometimes do. If you have any questions, it is easy to get in touch with us through our Support Online. You can ask questions and get responses quickly from a live person, not by reading pages and pages of documents to find your answer. You can also contact us by email at Support@comedydefensivedriving.com, or call us at 972-573-2700.

Florida Traffic School Made Easy

Since our Florida traffic school takes only 4 hours to complete, you may want to get it finished on a weekend afternoon, or divide it up into two nights during the week. Any way you want to complete your course will work, but we do suggest that you begin it as soon as you have appeared in court. You will see on the back of your traffic ticket that you have the option of taking a defensive driving online course to avoid getting points on your license. There is a time limit by when you need to complete your course, and this is usually 30 days. You will learn a wide variety of information at our Florida traffic school, including topics like disregarding stop and go signals, driving under the influence, driving in traffic, and how many factors, like your personality type, gender, stress, fatigue, and other things affect your driving. We also cover topics like road conditions and how to drive in rain, snow or ice, and how lighting affects your driving as well. You will learn tips on entering and exiting the freeway that will help you stay safe and avoid collisions and other problems. Students frequently tell us that since they learn through comedy, they think of a certain scene from our video that reminds them of some of the facts about safe driving that they never would have thought of otherwise.