If you have gotten a traffic ticket in Texas, you may have the option of dismissing your traffic ticket by taking defensive driving classes. You will need your Texas driving record from the State of Texas before you can take a class to get that traffic citation off your driving record. The main reasons why you need your driving record are these:
• To see how many traffic tickets you have already had dismissed
• To present to the court after completing your defensive driving course
• To have your driving record officially changed so that the ticket can be dismissed

Each judge has their own policy about dismissing traffic tickets, and the court that hears your case in traffic court may already have your driving record for the judge to see when you appear in court. Many times this is not the case and, if you want to take defensive driving classes, you often need to get your own driving record.

How to Obtain Your Texas Driving Record

With the convenience of modern technology, it is easiest to get your Texas driving record online. You can do this from your home, from work, or from the library. If you go to the State of Texas website, you will see the link that says “Driving Record.” Just follow the link and you will be able to order your driving record in minutes. Be sure to order a certified copy, because many courts in the state require this type of document. You will need to pay $12 with a credit card, and the state will then send your record to you in about a week to ten days. At Comedy Defensive Driving, we want you to be sure that you qualify to take our TX defensive driving before registering for our course. If you have any doubt about whether you qualify, you can easily contact the Clerk of Courts where your traffic ticket was processed.